Subsidies Of Up To $4,000 Available for Essendon Solar Systems

Go green with a solar system for your Essendon property

We are living in a changing world where renewable energy is rapidly becoming the new normal. As we seek to address manmade climate change and turn to cleaner solutions for the environment, making the switch has never been more important. Australia is leading the way in this field, with more than two million homes and numerous businesses already sporting solar systems on their rooftops. Your Essendon or Brunswick property could join this increasing number.

Our country is known for its sunlight and we are using that to our advantage with solar systems now more affordable than ever before. The average home or business in Essendon can now enjoy more energy efficiency and cost-savings, all through a solution that’s readily available through our team.

When it comes to green suburbs in Melbourne, they don’t get much greener or more beautiful than Essendon. We are committed to helping you enjoy this environment by making the transition to eco-friendly energy sources that embrace the world around us.

Bronze Package

For the budget conscious that are looking for a reliable, no-nonsense solar power system to reduce the electricity bill.

The ideal solution for those that are looking to maximise their monthly savings.

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Silver Package

This package is designed to strike the best balance between quality, features and affordable costs.

With features like wi-fi monitoring as standard, this package provides the best value for those wanting just a little bit more from their solar power system.

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Gold Package

A solar power system will be on your roof and generating electricity for well over a decade. When that’s the case, you want something that does it all while looking good in the process.

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Solar systems have never been more affordable

In years gone by, the cost of these systems was beyond the reach of many in Essendon. Now, not only has the technology improved drastically, but solar panels and inverters are more affordable than they were in the past. Our experts can connect you to government discounts and rebates to drive down these costs even further.

Before you know it, your residential solar system will be making you money; slash your electricity bills and earn rewards from your supplier, giving you a chance to sell back to the grid and pocket the dollars.

Our team is available in Essendon to help you access these benefits, and we have already provided numerous homes and businesses with customised solutions across the board. Let us do the same for you.

Real Customers with real savings

"Just want to thank Sean (sales guy), Scott and team (installers) for our new solar power system. The whole installation went smooth from start to finish, and the Electrical Inspector was very pleased with the technicians work. If you want solar like I did, just give Sean a call @ The Solar Power Co."
Linda Oldenhuis
"We had an easy introduction to having solar panels fitted to our home. Sales rep Sean explained every thing really clearly , helped with all the paperwork, including follow up calls . The installation team were spot on and the installation passed the safety inspection with praise from the inspector."
Joe Sculll
"Impeccable service fro start to finish – This company have their finger on the pulse, great information and expert advice. Highly recommend!"
Malcolm Thomson

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Grow your business, cut overheads

Energy expenses are some of the biggest bills facing any company, from the corner shop through to large industrial operations. Grid-sourced electricity is not getting any cheaper either, which presents a significant challenge to those trying to pay rising bills. 

Getting a commercial solar system is the best way to combat these rising bills as most businesses have plenty of room to install panels. You can also claim back the cost of your array through a number of rebates and schemes, like the instant asset write-off.

Essendon solar panel systems
Home solar panels Essendon

Enjoy power in your reserve

Our team will work with you to discover and apply the best offers available to you in Essendon, allowing you to cut down on upfront costs and personalise a solution that suits your budget. Make the most of the space you have available through an option that meets your current and future energy needs.

We also have a large range of affordable solar battery storage devices for residential and business installations throughout the area. These systems ensure you still have green power all-year-round, even during outages and bad weather.      

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