Future-proofing your home with a battery-ready solar power system

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If you read our article on solar power batteries here, you might have seen that we predict the future of solar is in batteries. In this article we look at how you can future-proof your home to take full advantage of that future with a battery-ready solar power system.

LG solar battery

Why the future of solar power is in batteries you can find here. The long story short however is that it just makes sense that you use your own energy that you yourself generated through your solar power system.

So why isn’t everyone doing it yet? Simple, because batteries are still expensive and currently it makes more financial sense to keep paying your energy provider.

That’s the reality now, but thanks to companies like Tesla, LG and others advances in solar power battery technology are being made at an incredibly fast rate. Batteries are becoming smaller, safer, more reliable, have increased lifespans and – you guessed it – much lower prices.

Solar power batteries are getting cheaper everyday
Solar power batteries are getting cheaper every day

What’s driving this change?

One of the biggest changes that solar power batteries have gone through over the years is the change from lead acid batteries to Lithium Ion batteries.

Lead acid batteries are the same, bulky, heavy batteries you have in your car. Lithium Ion batteries on the other hand are what powers your phone and your laptop.

With the introduction of Lithium Ion batteries also came the introduction battery management systems (BMS). Instead of just constantly charging a battery, a BMS charges your batteries intelligently. It monitors all the cells in your battery system and makes sure that each cell gets exactly the right charge, or discharge to optimise the life of the battery.

The development of batteries is far from done. Every year companies one-up each other with new technologies and ever lower price points, so it makes sense to wait with purchasing a battery. Even more so with the Labor government talking about providing rebates for solar power batteries.

Unfortunately, a lot of people use that as a reason to not get solar power installed. And that’s a shame, because even without a battery, you can already save money with a solar power system. Significantly.

Is there a way to enjoy the savings from solar power now, while you wait for solar power batteries to start coming down to the right price point?

If you’ve read the title, you already know the answer.

Battery-ready solar power systems

The difference between a solar power system that is battery-ready and one that isn’t is the inverter.

An inverter takes the power your panels generate and turns that into electricity you can use to power the lights in your home. Or if you’re not using the right amount of electricity, it can feed the excess to the grid.

Every solar power system has at least one inverter.

A battery-ready inverter has a third option. It can not only provide your home with electricity when you need it, and feed back to the grid when you don’t, but it can also talk a battery if you have one. It’s able to communicate with the battery and determine where the power should go to achieve the maximum result.

If there’s no battery in the system, the battery-ready inverter will behave the same way a regular inverter would. But unlike a regular inverter, you can simply and easily add a battery when it makes sense.

A regular inverter would have to be replaced by a smarter one that is able to communicate with the battery.

And when it makes sense to add a battery depends on your situation. New solar panel technology has a life expectancy of well over 20 years. A lot can change in that time. 20 years ago, we were afraid of Y2K and houses in Victoria were on average only $131,500 (it’s over $500,000 now).

So, with a battery-ready system you can get a battery simply when you are ready, without hidden costs for replacing existing parts of your system and accompanying installation costs.

The price difference between a battery-ready solar power system and one that isn’t, is minimal, but that small investment now can make a big difference in the future when you are ready to upgrade your system with a battery.

Find out how much the difference between the two systems is for your home, and how much you can already save on your energy bill by calling us on 1300 765 502.