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Even since the founding years when Victoria’s gold rush era made fortunes and transformed Melbourne, Hawthorn has been known for some of the city’s finest homes and businesses. Tourists and locals alike love taking slow drives through the inner-city suburb to marvel at these buildings and wetting their whistle at the storied local pubs and bars.

The only issue with sprawling homes and hectic businesses is energy consumption, which puts pressure on the environment and results in massive bills.

Our team is available to install modern solar systems on any Hawthorn property to help you tackle climate change, offset your emissions and enjoy heavy reductions on your electricity bills.

Bronze Package

For the budget conscious that are looking for a reliable, no-nonsense solar power system to reduce the electricity bill.

The ideal solution for those that are looking to maximise their monthly savings.

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Silver Package

This package is designed to strike the best balance between quality, features and affordable costs.

With features like wi-fi monitoring as standard, this package provides the best value for those wanting just a little bit more from their solar power system.

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Gold Package

A solar power system will be on your roof and generating electricity for well over a decade. When that’s the case, you want something that does it all while looking good in the process.

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Slash your energy bills with a solar panel installation

One of the biggest expenses for any business is the good, old electricity bill, but the good news is that it can be drastically reduced in the process. Whether you are looking for solar power for small business, commercial spaces, retail outlets or industrial/manufacturing, we can help you make the most of the surface area on your roof to turn your business into your own private power station.

The team at Solar Power Co. will do more than simply present you with an option to maximise your cost-savings and energy efficiency. We will analyse your individual needs – now and into the future – the available space and create customised solutions that will meet those needs as your business grows.

Real Customers with real savings

"Just want to thank Sean (sales guy), Scott and team (installers) for our new solar power system. The whole installation went smooth from start to finish, and the Electrical Inspector was very pleased with the technicians work. If you want solar like I did, just give Sean a call @ The Solar Power Co."
Linda Oldenhuis
"We had an easy introduction to having solar panels fitted to our home. Sales rep Sean explained every thing really clearly , helped with all the paperwork, including follow up calls . The installation team were spot on and the installation passed the safety inspection with praise from the inspector."
Joe Sculll
"Impeccable service fro start to finish – This company have their finger on the pulse, great information and expert advice. Highly recommend!"
Malcolm Thomson

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Power your home with clean, green electricity

When it comes to residential solar system technology, we have come a long way in recent years. There are many options available on the modern market that allow for high-efficiency rates when it comes to converting sunlight to electricity.

Our team will work with you to discover all of the rebates and discounts available in Hawthorn and Kew to drastically reduce the costs of purchasing and installing a complete array. Let us guide you into experienced state-of-the-art technology that is suited to your ongoing needs.

Solar panels Hawthorn

Save power for a rainy day

These innovations are no longer restricted to just panels and an inverter; in recent years solar battery storage solutions have become affordable for the average home or business across Hawthorn, and are ultimately a game-changer for energy-related challenges. We’re here to bring these opportunities to you – no matter your individual requirements.

Recently, simple wall units have been developed by some of the biggest names in the industry – including Tesla and LG – and allow power to be banked up during daylight hours, for use during peak periods. In outages, this is specifically advantageous, allowing you – the home or business owner – to reap the benefits of self-sufficient electricity when you need it most.

Find out what solutions are best for your Hawthorn property now with a solar power company that’s focused on your specific needs. Contact our friendly team now.

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