How parenthood changes your electricity bill

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Congrats! Youre growing your family, which is the most rewarding time in your life! How do you make sure all of your hard work pays off, or at least keeps your bank accounts happy?

How your family can enjoy the savings of solar power.

Your routines change

As any parent will tell you; kids are hard work. They can make a fulltime job seem like a walk in the park. Young kids keep you busy 24/7- often times leading to one or more parents staying home and giving up work.

That means you’ll be at home more, using more electricity. Especially during the day, as binge watching Netflix episodes deep into the night is most likely going to turn into being passed out on the couch not long after dinner.

Your disposable income changes

A higher electricity bill is only part of the cost of having a kid. Estimates say that the cost of raising a kid to 18 costs as much as $300,000. 

Not only will there be another mouth to feed, with only one person working your available income changes too.

That makes an impact on your disposable income.

Why getting solar power installed makes sense

Solar power unfortunately can’t help you find a good baby sitter or change nappies for you, but it will give you a bit of financial certainty because you’re both lowering and locking in one of the primary costs you have every month.

A solar power system allows you to lower your electricity bill significantly or even reduce it to $0 and keep it there. It allows you to run the air conditioner while you’re at home during the day looking after the kids without noticeably increasing your monthly costs.

With solar power you’re no longer at the whim of the energy companies that on average increased cost 10% year on year in the last decade. 

And that allows you to focus on what’s really important.

If you want to know how solar power can help reduce your family’s electricity bill, give us a call on 1300 765 502 or visit