How to claim the solar rebate

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The internet has been buzzing with talk about the Victorian Government incentives to install Solar Power, but how do you actually claim the solar rebate? We get this question a lot, so we contacted Solar Victoria directly and compiled an easy 4-step process on how to claim your rebate.

Happy Family Enjoy Solar Rebate

Update 1 July 2019: The Victorian government solar power rebate program has been reopened after it was closed in May 2019. Below is the old article. While still containing a lot of relevant information, we recommend you read our newer article about the rebate here.

Step 1: Choose the right solar power retailer

The Victorian Government only provides the rebate on CEC accredited solar power systems and installers. It’s important to keep this in mind when talking to your solar retailer, as some might promise things they can’t actually deliver, just to get your signature on the contract.

  • Familiarise yourself with the things to look out for when choosing a solar power retailer;
  • Verify that your contract says you are receiving a CEC accredited product;
  • Verify that your contract says that the system will be installed by a CEC accredited installer, and;
  • There are several ways on how warranty can be handled. Make sure your solar power retailer explains the differences and that your contract specifies what you agreed upon.

Step 2: Complete the Solar Power Rebate Eligibility Application with your solar power retailer

To be able to claim the Solar Power Rebate you are required to fill in the Solar Power Rebate Eligibility Application with your solar power retailer.

You can find the Solar Power Rebate Eligibility Application here.

Make sure you fill in all the fields accurately. Your solar power retailer will be able to help you if you’re not sure about something.

Lodge your application with all 3 documents:

  • Proof of income. If you are on any form of pension, you can supply your Centrelink Income Statement as proof of income.
  • Council Rates Notice. Can be a copy of your council rates notice & notice of assessment for 2016/2017 or 2017/2018
  • Solar Provider Statement. Your solar retailer must complete the Solar Provider Statement document and send it to you

Step 3: Provide your solar power retailer with your solar power rebate eligibility number

The sun’s out, your solar power system is up and running, and you have your rebate locked in. Now it’s time to claim it.
In the email with your eligibility number you’ll find a link through which you can make the final claim for your $2,225 solar power rebate.

When lodging the claim you’ll need to upload the following documents which you can get through your solar power retailer:

  • Certificate of electrical safety
  • Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) assignment form
  • Distributor solar connection form
  • Electrical work request form
  • Receipt of system installation including discounts, rebates and all STCs

You’re done!

And that’s it. Within 2 to 3 weeks you’ll receive the $2,225 solar power rebate in your nominated bank account and will start enjoying the many benefits of generating your own clean energy for many years to come.

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