Installing solar is an ethical decision for Australian businesses

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For a lot of businesses, installing solar power is a financial decision. There are many incentives including rebates and reduced electricity bills from becoming self-sufficient and also providing energy back to the grid.

While the financial incentives are fantastic and they attract more and more Australian businesses to install solar solutions every day, you should also consider the ethical benefits of shifting to this form of energy, and the difference you will be making to the planet.

The financial benefits of installing solar

Before we look at the ethical side, let’s outline exactly how beneficial installing solar will be to the bottom line of your Australian business. We understand businesses need proof before investing in any new technology and we field many questions.

Here are some of the more popular enquiries we receive that may help you make an informed decision.

Is solar a good investment? This one is easy. Electricity prices rose 63 per cent in a decade from 2007-17 and continued to soar. In contrast, installations continue to become more and more affordable as technology reduces in price. You will be paying less to bring down your greatest expense, which is a solid investment in anyone’s books.

Do the solar panels really pay for themselves? Yes. All panel setups will pay themselves off long before their end of life, which means you’ll reap the benefits of significant financial rewards. 

How can I calculate my ROI? To work out exactly how long it will take you to pay your solar installation costs and start making a profit from your system, take your initial installation cost and divide it by your yearly benefit. For example, if you paid $15,000 to install your panels and you have a yearly benefit of $3000, then it will take five years to recoup your costs.

The ethical benefits of installing solar

The modern consumer continues to look for ways to make a difference to the environment around them, especially throughout Australia. They also want to support companies that are doing the same thing.

Installing solar panels is one of the easiest ways you can show you are taking action against climate change with minimal effort. The marketing is easy; giant panels on the roof of your business clearly show that you have joined the green movement and taken measures to reduce your carbon footprint.

Best of all, this investment doesn’t cost your business money in the long run. In fact, it will reduce your energy costs. So this is the perfect way to adopt ethical operations in your business, advertise this fact to attract more customers, and boost your bottom line at the same time.