Is the Victorian Solar Power Rebate gone?

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Update 1 July 2019: This is an older article. The solar power rebate is now back and you can read everything you need to know in this article.

At the end of 2018 the Victorian government announced the solar power rebate. The government said that they would pay for 50% of new solar power installations up to $2,225 for the first 24,000 eligible households to apply. And Victorians did. In droves.

Fast forward to the beginning of April 2019. On 12 April the government announced that they wouldn’t be accepting any new applications for the rest of 2018 – 19, because the program was full.

That naturally left some people anxious about their pending applications, and an even larger group feels like they missed the boat.

In this article we address both concerns.

Pending applications

If you signed up to our newsletter, you will already know that there’s nothing to worry about. If your application is in, you’re in. Solar Victoria has promised to process all pending applications as normal. 

If you have your retailer handle the application for them however, you might want to check in with them to see if they put the application in on time. Some retailers are known to batch applications to process them all at the same time. 

If your application was not in before 12 April 2019, Solar Victoria will not process your application and you will not be able to install a solar power system. 

If you do decide to go ahead with the install before applications re-open in July, you will not be able to apply for a rebate then.

Make sure you have discussed this with your retailer to avoid disappointment.

New installations

Before a new system is installed, you need to get an eligibility number through Solar Victoria. You need this number before you install solar power. It’s not allowed to install a solar power system and apply for the eligibility number later.

If you have not received an eligibility number before you have installed a solar PV system you cannot apply for a rebate, even after applications re-open on 1 July.

Solar Victoria

If your solar power retailer suggests otherwise, thread carefully. You might risk losing out on the rebate completely.

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Have I missed out?

If you have an eligibility number or application in with Solar Victoria, you’re all set. If you don’t, you have a couple of options on still getting the rebate.

Before we get into your options. Check if you’re 100% eligible for the solar power rebate. There’s restrictions on income, property value and type of installation. If you’re not eligible, none of what you read applies.

You can find information about eligibility requirements in this article.

Option 1. Wait

If you are eligible, you will be able to apply again from 1 July 2019 onward. Keep in mind that that doesn’t mean a solar power system will be on your roof on 1 July. The application will open on 1 July and you will still need to get an eligibility number first before your system can be installed. 

Expect that many who waited will be applying at the same time and that installers will be fully booked during that time as a result.

We wrote an article about the 3+ month delays for previous applications here.

Option 2. Did you know there’s also a solar power battery rebate?

Since the Victorian government announced their incentives for solar power back in November, the spotlight has been on the $2,225 solar power system rebate. That’s not the only rebate up for grabs however.

The Victorian government also announced a rebate up to $4,8,38 when they get a solar power battery. That’s more than twice as much as the rebate for solar power.

The eligibility requirements for this rebate are the same as those for the solar power rebate, with one addition; you need to already have a solar power system on your roof when you apply.
Meaning you can’t get both at the same time, and you also can’t apply for the rebate if you already got the $2,225 rebate for the solar power system.

That might make for an easy choice if you were set on getting a solar power battery with your system to begin with. 

Keep in mind that unlike the solar power rebate, which is available to 650,000 households, the battery rebate is only available to 10,000 households. Of those 650,000 solar power rebates, over 24,000 have already been taken in just a couple of months. 

So, there is some time pressure if you decide to go down this route.

You can read more about solar power batteries here and more about the available solar power battery incentives here.

Option 3. Take advantage of offers

You might be reading this and think “I’ve waited for years to get solar power, what’s another few months?“. You’re not wrong, but you will be missing out.

People get solar power for a simple reason: to save money. Missing out on a couple of months of solar power is missing out on several hundreds of dollars.

On top of that, many solar power companies are currently offering great deals on people who are willing to sign up to be one of the first to have solar power installed in the new financial year.

Give us a call on 1300 765 502 to find out which deals you could be getting right now.