Solar Panel Installation Subsidies Of Up To $4,000 Available in Kew

Go clean and green with a solar panel installation in Kew

The inner-city suburb of Kew in Melbourne is known for two things: its gorgeous architectural design in the stately Victorian-era homes, and the green, leafy surrounds that make up its aesthetics. But with this beauty comes the need to act now and preserve our threatened environments for tomorrow – especially in major metropolitan areas like Kew.

Solar systems give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to give back to the planet by reducing dependence on coal-fired power, and slash costs on energy bills at the same time.

Bronze Package

For the budget conscious that are looking for a reliable, no-nonsense solar power system to reduce the electricity bill.

The ideal solution for those that are looking to maximise their monthly savings.

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Silver Package

This package is designed to strike the best balance between quality, features and affordable costs.

With features like wi-fi monitoring as standard, this package provides the best value for those wanting just a little bit more from their solar power system.

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Gold Package

A solar power system will be on your roof and generating electricity for well over a decade. When that’s the case, you want something that does it all while looking good in the process.

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Solar systems transform your home into a private power station

There are so many large, beautiful homes in Kew, Doncaster and Balwyn, all boasting plenty of room for solar panels. Our team will work with you to understand your energy needs and personalise a solution for you that will allow you to harvest your own power from the sun, reducing emissions and cutting costs along the way.

The more home solar panels you install, the more of a difference you can make. 

Real Customers with real savings

"Just want to thank Sean (sales guy), Scott and team (installers) for our new solar power system. The whole installation went smooth from start to finish, and the Electrical Inspector was very pleased with the technicians work. If you want solar like I did, just give Sean a call @ The Solar Power Co."
Linda Oldenhuis
"We had an easy introduction to having solar panels fitted to our home. Sales rep Sean explained every thing really clearly , helped with all the paperwork, including follow up calls . The installation team were spot on and the installation passed the safety inspection with praise from the inspector."
Joe Sculll
"Impeccable service fro start to finish – This company have their finger on the pulse, great information and expert advice. Highly recommend!"
Malcolm Thomson

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Take your business to the next level

One of the largest expenses any business receives is their electricity bill. From heating and cooling to lighting, security, refrigerators and more – these everyday essentials cause a nice burn on the hip-pocket.

With electricity bills rising every year, business solar panels are the perfect option to take power back into your own hands and enjoy enormous savings on your bills. Our team can help you find a customised solution for your needs, be it for small business, a retail storefront, hospitality operation, or your very own home.

Kew solar power panels
Kew solar power panel installers

Save your energy for a rainy day

Battery storage is the most significant technological advancement in the industry today, and these easy-to-install, sleek batteries are affordable for all home-owners and small business operators. 

Modern panels are excellent at converting sunlight into electricity even on cloudy and overcast days. Still, they cannot harvest this sunlight at night or during extended periods of rain. These batteries allow you to save electricity for a rainy day so that you can access clean, green electricity around the clock. It is the perfect solution to help you be free of grid electricity and power your home entirely with this form of renewable energy.

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