Solar Panel Installation Subsidies Of Up To $4,000 Available in Mornington

Power your Mornington home with affordable solar systems

Located on the Mornington Peninsula, this Melbourne suburb is known for its fantastic dining spots and an alfresco lifestyle.

It is popular with tourists and locals alike because of its quaint seaside appeal, and there is plenty to explore because of the region’s rich history. Protecting the local ecosystems is essential and one of the best things you can do to help preserve the environment. So how exactly can you pay it forward and contribute positive impacts for your local community?

Bronze Package

For the budget conscious that are looking for a reliable, no-nonsense solar power system to reduce the electricity bill.

The ideal solution for those that are looking to maximise their monthly savings.

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Silver Package

This package is designed to strike the best balance between quality, features and affordable costs.

With features like wi-fi monitoring as standard, this package provides the best value for those wanting just a little bit more from their solar power system.

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Gold Package

A solar power system will be on your roof and generating electricity for well over a decade. When that’s the case, you want something that does it all while looking good in the process.

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Solar power suppliers are paving the path

Designed to take care of all the hard work for you, we make the journey of finding sustainable, affordable solar systems simple. Find local suppliers and installers in your area who have been thoroughly vetted for quality. All companies are backed by the licencing needed to guarantee peace of mind and safety.

The result? It is a long-term solution that brings down your electricity bills and provides a positive move towards a cleaner future for our planet.

All of the solar panels available within our network stem from exceptional manufacturers and are installed by suppliers who are the best in their trade. But if you’re not sure where to start, we’re more than well-versed in helping our Mornington customers find outstanding deals that transform their households, businesses and cost-savings.

Whether you are looking into home systems or small business solar energy solutions, we have everything you need at your fingertips.

Real Customers with real savings

"Just want to thank Sean (sales guy), Scott and team (installers) for our new solar power system. The whole installation went smooth from start to finish, and the Electrical Inspector was very pleased with the technicians work. If you want solar like I did, just give Sean a call @ The Solar Power Co."
Linda Oldenhuis
"We had an easy introduction to having solar panels fitted to our home. Sales rep Sean explained every thing really clearly , helped with all the paperwork, including follow up calls . The installation team were spot on and the installation passed the safety inspection with praise from the inspector."
Joe Sculll
"Impeccable service fro start to finish – This company have their finger on the pulse, great information and expert advice. Highly recommend!"
Malcolm Thomson

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Battery storage for power around the clock

Another modern innovation is solar battery storage, which allows you to save energy for rainy days and power your home at night. These are handy for when there are outages, with many battery solutions offering you up to a week of standby power while everyone else on the grid has to go without it.

Designed not to keep you in the dark, these innovations are now highly affordable on the Australian market and are enjoyed by those across Mornington or Rosebud already. Join the revolution now to experience the difference.

Mornington solar power installers
Mornington solar power panels

We are here to help

By choosing our services, you are making a positive step towards giving back to your local community. All of our profits are injected into relevant initiatives; meanwhile, we continue to keep active in local school education, programs and renewable energy awareness. 

You will also be supporting the environment and enjoying significant savings – which is why solar makes sense.

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