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You can’t talk about burning fossil fuels without talking about climate change, but using coal and other fossil fuels to generate electricity has another impact: Deforestation.

To dig up these fossil fuels, thousands of trees get cut to make room for mines. Water being diverted to supply the mines causes even more trees to die through draughts and bush fires. We don’t have to wait to see the impact of relying on fossil fuels, it’s already visible all over Australia.

Impact of deforestation

Our isolation from the rest of the world has allowed us to develop an incredible biodiversity not seen anywhere else. That biodiversity has taken millions of years to develop, but through deforestation we’re well underway to decimate much of that diversity in just a couple of decades. Some 964 of the 1,250 Australian terrestrial animal species listed as threatened have habitat fragmentation or degradation listed as a threat and the same is true for 286 of the 390 threatened plant species.

That includes species like Carnaby’s cockatoo, the Southern Cassowary, Bennet’s tree kangaroo, the Cape York rockwallaby, the black-flanked rock-wallaby, as well as the iconic koala, recently listed as vulnerable to extinction in Queensland and New South Wales.

And all of this is in addition to the effects of deforestation on climate change.

Trees play a key role in capturing and storing greenhouse gases, and become carbon sources when killed. Deforestation and forest degradation accounts for approximately 15% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. Tree-clearing also promotes soil erosion, allowing fertile top soil to be swept into waterways where it harms existing ecosystems. Fewer trees in a region can also contribute to drought by reducing the amount of local rainfall.

Our commitment to encouraging change

The Solar Power Co. is committed to not only reduce Australia’s reliance fossil fuels, by helping Australians find the best deals on solar power. We’re also actively trying to restore what has been lost already through the planting of trees.

We do this by planting a tree for everyone that requests a quote for solar power or battery storage, regardless of if they buy or not.

With this program we hope to encourage more Australians to at least look at making a change, by making the first step to change as easy as talking to a solar power specialist.

So what are you waiting for? Make that first step by clicking here or fill in the form below.

Talk to a solar power specialist, see how much you can save, and we’ll plant a tree for you.

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